Odisha health minister Naba Das shot at by policeman, critical

Naba Das shot at by policeman

A shocking video has emerged of the moment Odisha Health Minister Naba Kisore Das was shot by an assistant sub-inspector. The video depicts the attack, which took place just as Das was stepping out of his car near Gandhi Chowk in Jharsuguda district. Although the attacker is not seen, the video clearly shows Das being shot at close range.

The sound of the gunshot can be heard, as well as shouting from Das’ supporters. In the video, Das can be seen staggering back to his seat while holding his chest, and attempting to stand up while pressing on his bleeding wound. However, the footage becomes shaky as the person filming turns the camera towards the crowd, which is chasing after the shooter.

A separate video clip shows Das bleeding from his chest as people try to lift him, who at this point seems unconscious, and place him in the front seat of a car.

The attack took place as Das was on his way to attend a program around 1 pm on Sunday. The police officer responsible for the shooting, ASI Gopal Das, fired two rounds, critically injuring the minister. Das was taken to a hospital and later airlifted to Bhubaneswar.

The shooter, ASI Gopal Das, has been arrested by authorities.

Who shot Odisha Health Minister Naba Das?

The Odisha Health Minister Naba Kishore Das was the victim of a shocking shooting incident in the Jharsuguda district. The attacker, an assistant sub-inspector named Gopal Das, shot the minister from close range in the chest. The severity of the injury prompted an immediate response from medical personnel, who rushed the minister to a nearby hospital before he was airlifted to Bhubaneswar for further treatment.